– Chart 2

For hosting services, the leading prospects are: Enterprise

  • It is very easy to use in hosting options
  • It is very loyal in using the service
  • It is willing to pay for the high value service pack
  • It is crowded and new appearance continuously (every day there are hundreds of new businesses)


The person who decides to use the hosting service of this object is not themselves but the Web Designer. So the perfect strategy for you is to hire individuals and web design companies as their agents for agency commissions. Just hiring an agent, you will have long-term and incremental income as every web design company must have new customers every month if they want to survive.


Facebook is a cheap and effective advertising channel today. With this channel, you can limit your ad exposure to potential audiences:

  • Only visible to people who prefer “PHP”
  • Only visible to people who like “Joomla”
  • Only visible to people who like “Web design”
  • Showing only to people over 18

The cost per click is very cheap, only $ 0.08 / click. If you have never used Facebook Ads, you can purchase a $ 5 voucher for $ 50 in advertising.

So for $ 5, you have $ 50 = 625 clicks

Only 1 in 625 people click this become your agent, you have a long-term passive income!


The basic payout plan for is:

Retail: 30%
Agency: 5%

Advanced Chart 2 is

Retail: 25%
Agency: 10%

By participating in Chart 2, you will focus on agent recruitment for 10% commission on sales.

Enjoy 10% commission from the hosting sales of all your web design company customers!

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