Why SEO Is Needed As Part Of Digital Marketing?

Since the dawn of the Internet age, SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been proven multiple times that it is an effective marketing strategy.

Though some people are very vocal about their criticism of SEO due to the changes that are done by Google to its algorithm, SEO is still alive and very relevant. SEO is more complex, unlike more than a decade ago where spamming keywords is one of the main strategies. Nowadays, you have to emphasize keywords, optimize attribute, edit content, etc.

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Carefully planned and executed SEO will help businesses website rank by adding unique and interesting content that visitors will read. Another advantage of SEO built website is that it was designed to provide the pleasant user experience. It should also encourage visitors to share the content and link it to other websites.

This is the type of website that will be ranked higher by Google since it will provide a good experience to the users.

Almost all websites are optimized for Google since more than 90% of worldwide search engine market is controlled by Google. Bing only accounted for 2.8% followed by Yahoo at 1.7%.

Proper SEO Marketing

The right SEO strategy will make sure that search engine crawlers of Google and other companies can find the articles and other content of a website.

Companies that offer SEO services have become more popular lately. This is good news for website owners. However, you still have to be careful in choosing a legitimate local seo firm.

The following are some tips for SEO marketing so you will get a good ranking on search engine results page. These are some of the observation by SEO service providers about the websites that are favored by Google.

  • The Main Keyword in the Title
  • A keyword should be included in the URL.
  • Don’t overuse the keyword
  • A keyword in the first paragraph or few hundred words.
  • Keep a relevant and easy to read content.
  • Links from related contents from third-party sites.

As mentioned earlier there are people who claim that SEO is no longer effective as a marketing tool for websites. This is not true, in fact, Google is still SEO-friendly and encourages websites to use proper SEO.

What the search engine company is penalizing and discouraging is the use of shady practices such as keyword spamming which doesn’t provide beneficial contents to the user.

Benefits of search engine optimized websites.

Increased Traffic

Websites that show on the first page of search engine result pages will get more clicks than those on succeeding pages. Websites with proper tags and descriptions will improve the click-through rate. The CTR is one of the indicators for customer satisfaction, so it has a huge impact in the ranking. That is why you need to hire the right SEO company.

Better ROI or Return on Investment

You can easily monitor the success and ranking of your website, so you will know if your strategy is working or not and do something about it. Statistics also show SEO has higher ROI compared to traditional marketing.

Improved Brand Awareness

If your website is on the first page of SERP, more people can see it and know your brand or company. Customers also perceive websites showing in organic search results to be more trustworthy. This shows the importance of having a lot of good content. The more high-quality content you have, the more chances your website will appear in SERPs.

SEO marketing as an investment

Online marketing with all its benefits will encourage you to invest. You still need to choose the right digital marketing in Jacksonville to make sure that you made the right investment. Although internet marketing is relatively cheaper compared to traditional marketing, online marketing will still take a huge chunk off your bank account. However, with good ROI, you will earn that money back and more in the long run. With the internet getting more popular than ever, it can now be considered as the world’s marketplace. If you can make your company appear in that marketplace, then it means an endless potential for your business.

Online marketing is very broad, and SEO marketing is just a part of it. There are other methods that you can use such as Social Media management, CMS management and SEO copywriting. All these tools will cost you, but it will be money well spent. Just don’t deal with shady cheap SEO service providers because they will just suck your bank account dry. It will only be a good investment as long as hire an experienced and reliable SEO agency.

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